Apr 08

Bollinger Special Cuvee £29.99 – Two weeks only!

Champagne producers have had a busy start to the year with price raising the name of the game. It is fair to say that we are unable to purchase Champagne from some producers at the price we were selling it at Christmas! The argument centres around the big names of Champagne wanting to ‘reposition’ their brands! What is certain is that Champagne prices have not reached a solid resting point and there is still much uncertainty.

So if Bolly is your preferred tipple, grab it while you can  – we have managed to secure a special price for you of £29.99 per bottle for all orders of 12 bottles or more, for two weeks only With a normal retail price is £42, it may not be this inexpensive for a very long time!

All order must be received by 7 pm on 16th April 2014.


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