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Sparkling Year Price
Deutz BrutNV NV £39
Deutz RoseNV NV £52
Veuve Fourny- - £42
Gardet Brut Tradition- - £36
Gardet Rose- - £43
Vouvray Petillant Domaine Vigneau Chevreau- - £18
Vinvita Prosecco- - £13
Cava Perelada Five Stars- - £12
Charles Gardet Millesieme Vintage2004 2004 £77
Charles Heidiseck Brut- - £42

“MANY THANKS!!! I will be in later today or tomorrow for sure!! (To pay and thank you again!) What fun! Everyone enjoyed the evening and your hosting/knowledge! Brilliant! Can we do it again?? See you later.”

- Anonymous

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