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Thirst for Knowledge... with Henry Blofeld

12th March 2021

Thirst For Knowledge

Lockdown has taken its toll on all of us but in everything there is a silver lining. One Saturday morning I was sipping my coffee when I received a call from my dear friend Henry Blofeld.

Henry was a bit bored, and I felt overworked. The pair of us felt uninspired, however, at the suggestion of a few tastings together, a brightness entered Henry’s voice.

The next day I received a call from Henry’s man of affairs. I wanted to do a trial run to see how everything would work but there was little time for that, and so Henry and I sat down, had a few glasses and a chat.

We have done this before and had some delightful evenings. We present to you four tastings, as honest and natural as every evening that we have spent together as friends sharing and laughing. The perfect gift to share with friends; four bottles and good conversation – there is content about wine but there is friendship too and God knows we needed our friends.

To friendship and an enjoyment of life, with a glass or two.

There are four individual tastings, each with four special bottles of wine all priced at £150/case. The case arrives with the wine and a QR code to give you access to the conversations “Thirst for Knowledge”. As each case has an individual charge, the additional boxes are priced at £141.50 for a grand total of £566 for the entire set.

By Andrea Viera

“I think your shop is terrific - great range of fascinating wine. Wish it was around the corner from me!”

- David

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