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We Hate to Burst your Bubble....

5th March 2021

I am certain that your inbox, like mine, gets overcrowded with deals and special offers all designed to tempt you to make a purchase that makes you feel like you’ve ‘saved’ money.

These offers are rarely of interest to me – I have no need for a dog bed as I have a cat and he sleeps where he wants, nor do I want my gutters cleaned or to attend a discounted spinning class…. But then I see the word CHAMPAGNE and my attention is captured. Somehow that one word seems to stand out, so I read on…

Having read several champagne offers recently, I started to question if I knew what the word ‘deal’ means. So out comes the dictionary and I read:

“A particular form of treatment given or received.”

“Agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit.”

“Bargain” – informal usage.

I am certain that I am not alone when not knowing the exact price or worth of certain specific items, but champagne is something that I understand more than most things. When the price of a particular champagne being marketed as a ‘special offer’ is more expensive than our regular daily price at Last Drop Wines (before case discount), this is not a deal! We hate to burst your bubble, but this is a rip off.

While it is always beneficial to receive a case of champagne, it is not very beneficial at a higher price per bottle when it is purporting to be a bargain. As an independent wine merchant, it is not always possible to compete with the likes of the supermarkets and multiples, who have a bigger buying power, but champagne lovers and wine drinkers, please beware of ‘deals’ as there is much trickery going on.

At Last Drop Wines we are always happy to give a quote on a particular wine or champagne. We may not always be cheaper, but we will be honest and transparent and not falsely sell you a deal when it’s not. When you manage to buy your wines and champagnes at a fair and reasonable price, they will taste all the better. Don’t let these fraudulent special offers leave a bad taste in your mouth

By Andrea Viera

“Just wanted to say that all the wines you suggested were wonderful and so gunstig as well! Your idea for the Auslese was inspired. I wouldn't have thought of it, but it went down very well with gooseberries from Ottolenghi! Thanks again.”

- Kathy

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